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My story

I have always been a creative soul. From an early age I have been making all different types of art such as painting, photography and videography. Back then it mostly revolved around stop-motion Lego recordings which I jointly developed with a friend of mine. How I miss these good old days! After a while I decided to invest in my own first professional camera, and the Lego recordings turned into more advanced parkour videos. During my first year in secondary school I began recording daily vlogs and as I progressed and my skills developed I added small montages and edits to the existing vlogs. I made traveling videos, for instances on my numerous trips to Bali, the Cyclades in greece, Srilanka and a bunch of other different countries. The year I turned 18 I started to take on small photography jobs together with influencers. One year later I started to help a couple of friends with music videos. During my 21st year, after all these experiences, I finally decided that it was time for me to start up my own film and photography company. We will see what future holds... As we spent more time on working with variouse clients, we have implemented many cool features to our premium WordPress themes, that our clients suggested.
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